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Food is many things to all of us - comfort, pleasure, celebration, sharing and sustenance; it can also enhance health and help to fight disease. As research into food and nutrition continues to expand so does the link between diet and health. Some of the information is confusing but steady scientific progress has equipped us to make better choices about what and when we eat. Eating well lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular or heart disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Heart disease is the number one killer of North American adults under the age of seventy five and obesity is on the rise at an alarming rate. A healthy diet can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve mental health, and is a huge factor in losing weight. Attaining and maintaining your optimum body weight through dieting can be accomplished not by starting from scratch but by transforming your current diet into a much healthier one. The word diet is defined as "the sum of food consumed by a person or other living organism".

Where do you begin with so many choices? How do you choose a weight loss diet that will work for you and your lifestyle when there are so many highly varied options available? Firstly research any diet plan you are considering. Was it developed by experts such as dieticians, nutritionists, or people with backgrounds in medicine or science? There are a large number of fad or gimmick diets that require you to spend money on specially marketed products. In fact, often the so called special ingredients incorporated into these products are already available on the market under another name for far less money. For example the Juice Diet involves drinking only the manufactures juice concoction for 24-48 hours and is made up of juices containing vitamins and minerals that are found everywhere but have been packaged up and patented under their name.

There are good diets and bad diets the difference being that the good ones are the ones that work for you in your lifestyle. It is extremely important that whichever eating plan you decide upon it must include the full range of nutrients that our bodies require on a daily basis.

Here are some of the wacky and not so wacky diets you will encounter in your search for the right one for you. All of the diets listed here claim effectiveness in weight loss.

  • The Raw Diet - has eaters consuming a minimum of 75% of their diet uncooked.
  • The Purple Diet - consists of eating only purple foods.
  • The Ultimate Sex Diet - based on, you guessed it, getting plenty of sexual exercise to burn the fat off.
  • The Mariah Carey Diet - based on the eating whims of a pop star who happens to look good.
  • The Fast Food Diet - a diet primarily consisting of food from fast food outlets

The Asian diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Duke University Diet and the Special K Challenge are but a few examples of more well balanced eating plans.

There is much more involved in successfully dieting than merely denying yourself certain types of foods. Diets should be tasty and varied, not eliminate any of the food groups completely, work slowly over time and be easy to incorporate into your daily life one change at a time. The best diets are safe and do not jeopardize your health. Experts agree that losing more than 2 pounds per week can be dangerous and lead to medical problems.

You will need to be highly motivated to change your old ways. If you are gaining weight your current diet is simply not working for you. Regardless of how great a diet is you will never lose and keep excess weight off without exercise. Sometimes you even need help from the best diet pills but be careful because not all drugs are safe. Daily physical activity, a balanced nutrition plan approved by professionals, moral support and the desire and willingness to embrace a new way of living are the ingredients necessary for life long wellness and optimum physical condition.


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