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Phentermine Weight Loss Pills

How to Use Phentermine Diet Pills

Among all of the various prescription weight loss drugs available in the United States, Phentermine diet pills are by far the most popular.  They have already helped millions of people to shed those extra pounds to beat the risks of obesity and better manage issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  Though they’re not perfect, they can provide that added advantage that is needed to ensure the success of a weight loss program, where others have failed in the past.

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Before you start using Phentermine diet pills, you need to understand your doctor’s directions so that you will be certain that you are using it properly for the safest and most effective results.  Your directions will typically consist of the following, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or pharmacist:

  • Take Phentermine diet pills in the morning so that you will have effective appetite suppression all day long, but will avoid sleep struggles due to the medication’s energy boosting benefit. Ideally, it should be taken a minimum of 6 to 14 hours before you will be going to bed.
  • Take your medication on an empty stomach a few minutes before you eat breakfast.
  • Though the tablet form of Phentermine diet pills can be cut in half along the scored marking, it is most effective when it is taken whole, without chewing, breaking, or crushing.
  • Take the medication along with a full glass of water. 
  • If you miss a dose, never double the next dose in order to compensate for the lost time. If it’s already nearing the time for your next dose, simply skip the missed one.
  • This drug is not designed for individuals younger than 16 years old or for older adults.
  • Only use Phentermine diet pills when directed by a doctor to do so.  Though they are highly beneficial for some people, they are a serious drug and can present a significant health risk to all but the right specific candidates for their use.


Regardless of these directions, you should follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.  This is because alterations may be made to the dosage or the way that Phentermine diet pills is taken depending on your unique needs, health conditions, or other issues. 

This drug is not designed to cause weight loss all on its own.  Instead it is a part of a complete program which includes healthy, nutritious meals and increased daily activity.  This should be discussed with your doctor to ensure that the right plan is designed for you.



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