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Best Weight Loss Exercises

The human body consists partly of a system of over six hundreds muscles. Exercise is ANY physical activity for the purpose of working and developing some part of the body. Scientific and medical research supports countless experiences proving absolutely the necessity for including physical activity into any weight reduction lifestyle. Dieting alone will result in the loss of crucial muscle mass and water. The weight may come off quickly but becomes impossible to keep off without the benefits of exercise. To lose weight you must expend more calories than you are consuming by creating a calorie deficiency. With physical movement your resting metabolic rate or MRM (which is simply the amount of calories or energy required for your body to perform all of its vital functions such as breathing, blood and oxygen circulation and brain functions) changes its hormone and chemical levels. There is nothing other than exercise, no pills, supplements or foods that raise your metabolism high enough to effectively burn fat. It is healthier to burn fat off than to starve it. Fat and muscle never "turn into" each other. By burning fat you are making more room for lean muscle mass. By gaining fat you are reducing the space available for muscle.

There are many benefits to getting regular exercise aside from losing weight. You will be more energetic as exercise boosts hormones found naturally in your body thereby increasing your energy levels. You will improve stamina by developing and strengthening muscles using resistance or weight training. Aerobic or cardio workouts will pump up your coronary system improving the ability of the lungs to provide oxygen to working muscles. Exercise reduces the negative impacts caused from stress by lowering blood pressure and increasing the production of a brain chemical called serotonin which makes you feel good. It raises your core body temperature helping you to relax and can help to clear your mind.

The first step is to take action. Any action at all. Just get moving and remember it is not as important what you do as long as you do it. Walking by itself is fantastic exercise. Build up your activity levels slowly, and accept setbacks without giving up as you work at attaining your fitness level. Make it truly convenient and handy to exercise so it's easily incorporated into your day. Make becoming physically active a priority. Begin realistically by aiming for three times a week, working up to first thirty minutes then sixty minutes every day. Take a walk after dinner, go for a bike ride, jump in the water and go for a swim. Golf, garden, re-arrange the furniture, do yoga, wash the car, chase the cat, play baseball, get a dog, bend over and find your toes, go kayaking or bungee jumping or roll down a hill. Do any activity that gets you moving the key word being 'do'. Make it something you enjoy, do something fun and you will participate more frequently and stick with it longer.

There is an unlimited supply of information available covering the wide variety of fitness methods. You need to consider, regardless which form of exercise you choose, how this activity will fit into your style of living. It would be pretty ridiculous for someone in southern Florida to take up skiing whereas someone is Colorado needs to be well versed in cold weather exercise options. Over and above all else your choice of physical exercise must be based upon your own unique personality.


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