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Weight Loss Supplements

A dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion added to your regular diet to make up for a lack or deficiency. Usually a product made from one or more essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, herbs and amino acids. A supplement is NOT A DRUG. As such, dietary supplements are not regulated by the American FDA (Federal Drug Administration). This means that the purity, strength, dosages or quality of dietary supplements are not regulated, nor is the manufacturer required to prove if the product is either safe or effective. Some supplements are in fact ineffective and not all of these products can deliver on what they claim. The FDA will only step in if a product is shown to be unsafe or makes false claims after it has hit the market. No testing or clinical studies are required on the part of the manufacturer prior to releasing these substances on an unsuspecting public. The 'FDA Guide to Dietary Supplements', available at no charge on-line is an excellent resource. The FDA also maintains a 'Caution List' of products with a history of false claims or has shown to be either ineffective or downright unsafe.

Dietary supplements are not intended to replace conventional meals as they don't provide all the known - and perhaps as yet unknown nutritional benefits of conventional food. They are readily available in powder, liquid and pill form. It is imperative to you do not exceed the recommended dosage and you must stop taking the product immediately upon experiencing any side effects. Supplements can be dangerous if you are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, have high blood pressure or any other medical conditions. Supplements can strongly react with other supplements or prescribed medications and in some cases even other foods, so check with a health professional (physician, dietician, nutritionist, pharmacist) before trying any of these products.

The best way to protect yourself is to read the labels thoroughly and research both the manufacturer and the product itself. Don't chase the latest diet fad but rely instead on sound health advice using science to prove that the supplement does what it claims it can. Some of these products do not even contain the listed ingredients. Remember that the word 'natural' does not necessarily mean the product is without harmful effects. Know that manufacturers make very broad based claims which are impossible to refute; for example statements like "aids the digestive tract".

Dietary supplements can be a very valuable addition to your diet. To decide which supplements will work for you depends entirely on your base diet, age, weight, overall health, lifestyle, time factors including even the weather, and so on. There is no one product good for all. Both your conventional diet and any add-ons to it must be individually tailored to you and your lifestyle. When trying dietary supplements it is only by carefully reading the labels, researching and learning about the product from reliable sources, and consulting a health professional that any claims can be trusted.


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